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February 3, 2016

No two knees are exactly the same, so why should knee replacement patients put up with identical implants? With the right expert care, they don’t have to

Total knee replacements have, in recent years, revolutionised the management of knee arthritis, providing pain relief and improving function. An increasing number of knee replacement procedures are being performed for this reason and also due to having an ageing population, says surgeon Fahad Attar.

But some of the patients requiring this procedure are younger. This can be due to arthritis, which is secondary to knee injuries
which have already been sustained.

Orthopaedic Product News

Orthopaedic Product News

November 18, 2015

Complexities of treating younger patients with early arthritis

Interview with Mr Fahad Attar about his job as orthopaedic surgeon, surgical techniques and the future of customised implants

Might already have undergone some surgical procedures such as a partial meniscectomy with parts of the cartilage removed or have had a ligament operation done previously. Invariably, when they have these initial injuries, they normally tend to sustain more problems with their knees over time. They have early wear and tear, secondary to partial meniscectomies and cartilage defects which can then progress, deteriorate and lead to arthritis.

Christian Jessen Magazine

Christian Jessen Magazine

March 2015

Mr Attar is based in Cheshire in the north west and covers both Manchester and Liverpool areas in his practice. He has trained in world-renowned centres including Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, Canada and Oxford, England. His practice and expertise encompasses all aspects of knee surgery and he has a special interest in managing young adult knee arthritis, joint preservation surgery and patient-specific knee replacement procedures. Mr Attar is also well published and has been invited to present in meetings worldwide.

Oldham Evening Chronicle Newspaper

Oldham Evening Chronicle Newspaper

March 26, 2015

Walking tall

A CHADDERTON woman has become a medical rendsetter after having a pioneering “designer” knee replacement.

Accounts manager Barbara Chapman (63) is thought to be the first person in the North-West with a knee created specifically for her.

A CT scan produced a 3D image of Barbara’s knee which was emailed to America where manufacturer ConforMIS produced an exact replica in a 3D printer.

“The days of one size will fit all are long behind us,” explained orthopaedic consultant Fahad Attar, who implanted the knee at the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.

J life Manchester Magazine

J life Manchester Magazine

January/February, 2015




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First iTotal ConforMIS patient specific knee replacement done at the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Manchester by Mr. Attar

January 2015

Patient specific knee replacements provide numerous advantages over routine Total knee replacements as they are designed and specific to the patient anatomy.

Overall satisfaction rates, functional outcomes and hospital stays are much improved and most of the outcome data being presented and published back these results.

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Fisrt iDuo ConforMIS bicompartmental patient specific knee replacement in the NHS done at Whiston Hospital by Mr. Attar

October 2014

Patient specific knee replacements have shown advantages over routine on the shelf knee replacements. Reduced hospital stay, improved function, reduced dissatisfaction and pain rates and some of the advantages.

In suitable patients when 2 areas of the knee are affected with arthritis, an iDuo bicompartmental knee replacement is a better option to address this as opposed to a total knee replacement which is most often done.

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Invited Guest Speaker at The Annual World Congress of Orthopaedics 2014 in Xi’an, China

September 2014

Mr. Attar was invited as a guest speaker at this highly successful annual world congress of Orthopaedics which brought together Orthopaedic surgeons from all over the world to discuss and present up coming techniques in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Mr. Attar gave a presentation on patient specific knee replacements, highlighting the advantages, favourable outcomes and current results.

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Invited Guest Speaker at The International Congress of Orthopaedics and Rheumatology in San Francisco, USA

July 2014

Mr. Attar presented on ‘Current review of Literature for Meniscal transplant surgery’. The presentation concentrated on this new modality of treatment and the patient selection and requirements for this innovative treatment option and concluded with good outcome results that show improved function and pain which have been published.

This meeting was attended by Orthopaedic surgeins from the US, Canada and Europe.

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First meniscal transplant at Whiston hospital was successfully performed by Mr. Attar

June 6, 2013

The first meniscal transplant at Whiston hospital using a donor allograft was successfully performed by Mr. Attar in a symptomatic patient who had had a previous medial sub total menisectomy. The operation which was performed in combination with a high tibial osteotomy went to plan and the patient was recovering well following surgery.

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