Knee Ligament Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction with a Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone (BPTB) Graft

Multiligament Knee Reconstruction

Medial Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Reconstruction

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a 3-4cm long band of connective tissue that runs diagonally through the inside of the knee. It connects the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shin bone). It helps stabilise the knee joint when performing twisting and turning actions.

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PCL Reconstruction

Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), one of four major ligaments of the knee is situated at the back of the knee. It connects the thighbone (femur) to the shinbone (tibia). The PCL limits the backward motion of the shinbone.

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Multi-ligament Reconstruction

Ligaments are fibrous tissue bands that connect bones and stabilize joints. The knee joint has four major ligaments – the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, lateral collateral ligament, and medial collateral ligament.

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